Free WeePie Cookie Check for your WordPress website

Published: 15-04-2016updated: 06-10-2016

Image WeePie Cookie Check

PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity is expired!

Are you curious if your WordPress website has to comply / complies with the EU cookie law? Let us check your WordPress website on it FOR FREE!

Interested in our FREE WeePie Cookie Check?

Please send us an email ( before July 1st 2016 and mention your WordPress website URL in it.

What is the WeePie Cookie Check?

We will investigate:

  • What kind of cookies your WordPress website places (like 3th part cookies)
  • Which EU countries cookie law(s) your website has to comply

We will email you the result if your website does / does not comply with the cookie law(s) in Europe within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: Please note that, despite we will try very hard to find out the cookie law of each specific EU country, we’re not an official source to which rights can be derived.

EU cookie law required?

YES! If you have an European website or a website directed to an European audience, a website visitor has to be informed about and give consent for placing certain cookies on your website. Depending on which country, this consent may be implied or must be explicit.

EU cookie law plugin for WordPress

With our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin for WordPress you can fully comply with the cookie law of any country. Our advanced and flexible cookie law implementation plugin makes it possible to set your way of cookie consent and makes it suitable for e.g. the Austrian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, UK cookie law.