NEW: New Year Action Bar Plugin for WordPress

Published: 31-12-2016updated: 31-12-2016

illustration of the new year animation bar plugin for WordPress

NEW: WeePie Christmas and New Year Animation Bar Plugin

With our recently launched Animation Bar Plugin for you can easily add a customized new year message:

  • with/without an action button (CTA link)
  • with/without a Christmas or New Year animation
  • on top or bottom of your WordPress website.

Action bar plugin with a lot of styling options

This action bar plugin has a lot of customization options, like:

  • Change the colors
  • Change the font size
  • Choose between a straight or diagonal bar
  • Change the opacity
  • Set the bar on top/bottom
  • Possibility to close the bar
  • Choose to show one of the Christmas/New Year animations or not

Find out more or buy this animation bar plugin for WordPress

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