Changelog: WeePie Cookie Allow plugin

[v3.3] 16-11-2021
NEW: possibility to export logged consents
NEW: possibility to delete logged consent by a website visitor
fixed: missing alt attributes for settings and closing icons
fixed: make sure the wpcaData script is not blocked
fixed: iFrame blocking logic caused window.history duplicate entries
fixed: HTML processed when cookies before consent is 3rd parties
fixed: settings popup not rendered when automatic cookie blocking disabled
fixed: Microsoft Edge browser shows unsafe content
fixed: regex pattern for iFrames not working with iFrame URL’s with a q
fixed: blocking logic optimizations
fixed: improve settings page text
fixed: typo in the default text for the bar/box content
fixed: removed corrupt code in frontend JavaScript
fixed: revert code which disables consent logs for logged in users
fixed: Avada theme placing the bar/box HTML in a hidden <div>
fixed: placeholder data attribute encoding caused not loading of Google Maps
fixed: invalid new line placholders are replaced
fixed: bar/box not visible when disabling automatic cookie blocking
fixed: compatibility list not updated after plugin upgrade
fixed: template variable escaping
Added: jQuery functions to handle the processing button states

[v3.2.15] 22-03-2021
NEW: possibility to switch the position of decline button (left or right to the accept button)
NEW: compatibility with the WP Google Map Plugin
fixed: Fusion (avada) Google Maps compatibility
fixed: Fusion (avada) Google Maps not showing placeholder
fixed: Divi Google Maps not showing placeholder
fixed: JavaScript compatibility callback check not working with prefixed function names
fixed: Google Tag Manager gtag analytical 3rd party not working with tracking ID’s starting with “G-”
fixed: accepting a single cookie category from placeholder accepts all
improved: blocking logic by having the option to add a depency window object
improved: blocking logic by adding the possible to prefix/suffix HTML element attribute matching patterns

[v3.2.14] 01-02-2021
fixed: Microsoft Edge browser shows unsafe content
fixed: auto updating throws an error while extracting the geo database
fixed: automate blocking HTML element property “fp” not available after update
fixed: jQuery migrate warnings
fixed: replace placeholder {CC} with cookie category display name
fixed: reload scripts logic fails when having multiple indentical sources
fixed: uppgrade file not replacing for WPML

[v3.2.13] 03-01-2021
NEW: (WeePie Framework): exporting and importing of settings
NEW: compatibility (hookable) system
NEW: 3rd party: Google gtag.js (analytical)
NEW: 3rd party: Google gtag.js (advertising)
NEW: 3rd party: Paypal marketing solutions
NEW: GTM optimization: custom variable and event pushes to the dataLayer
NEW: replace the “href” attribute value for blocked hyperlinks
fixed: Divi and Avada Live builder issues
fixed: anonymize ip now also works for gtag
fixed: Google maps not loaded for Divi and Avada (Fusion) builder
fixed: the settings popup doesn’t scroll with some smaller screen heights
fixed: CCPA shortcode is rendered as plain text
fixed: PHP error call to a member function get() on bool
fixed: centered box animation not working from hide to show
fixed: MariaDB MySQL version not correct in consent-log module
fixed: the alphabetical order of the 3rd party list
fixed: image “srcset” attrribute is not supported in blocking logic
fixed: add bar/box/post/page to the DNSMPI shortcode description
fixed: a typo in the JavaScript paramater “block”
fixed: WP Rocket’s lazyloading of images conflicts with the settings icon markup
fixed: button css margin and float may be overwritten by themes or plugins
fixed: iFrame regex pattern didn’t match single quotes inside the “src” attribute
fixed: reset query argument stays in the url after a reset by url
fixed: removed an unused css class “group” in the bar and box template
fixed: a typo in the cookie category settings options template
fixed: zendesk web widget code not blocked
fixed: remove unused code in modules
fixed: accepting a cookie category from the placeholder not handling required cookie categories
fixed: including the wf check triggers a fatal error with multiple instances
improved: placeholder logic
updated: Maxmind databases to latest version
updated: the button text “Default cookie settings” to “Accept all cookies”
updated: the plugin header description

[v3.2.12] 17-02-2020
fixed: (WeePie Framework) allowed staging environments can’t use the plugin

[v3.2.11] 10-02-2020
NEW: CCPA (cookie) proof
NEW: Cookie Category settings icon in the bar/box to open a Cookie Category settings popup
NEW: set all Cookie Categories default to off in the Cookie Category settings box
NEW: edit Cookie Category: label, description and switch button
NEW: enhanced bar/box cookie notice text
NEW: a setting to configure the animation delay time of the bar/box
NEW: possibility to delete consent log data from the settings page
NEW: 3rd party: Pinterest tag
NEW: setting to configure the Cookie Category settings box padding
NEW: (WeePie Framework) skip WP Engine staging domain in validating process
NEW: (WeePie Framework) skip Savvii sub domain in validating process
fixed: (WeePie Framework) ABSPATH leaded to wrong paths in WpieFileCollection for some server setups
fixed: (WeePie Framework) PHP warning continue targeting switch is equivalent to break
fixed: (WeePie Framework) after updating settings, the success notice was not visible fixed: (WeePie Framework) after resetting settings, the succes notice was not rendered correctly fixed: typo in wpca_automate_thirparties hook name
fixed: cookie consent didn’t work with a > img tag
fixed: JavaScript WPCAFR.hasPlaceholder() is not checking for the first element
fixed: consent log filter not working with % like searches at the varbinary IP address column
fixed: using undefined variable $cat in the consent-log module
fixed: update 3rd party Zopim to Zendesk chat
fixed: the animation of the bar/box didn’t work when showing (it only worked when hiding)
fixed: custom button CSS styles could be overwritten
fixed: in Firefox buttons with class wpca-btn-hide were having lots of whitespace on top
added: shortcode [_btn_cc_settings] to add a button to open the Cookie Category settings popup
added: shortcode [_btn_accept_cc] to add a button in the placeholder to only accept the active Cookie Category
added: shortcode [_ccpa_dnsmpi_link] to show a Do Not Share My Personal Information hyperlink
added: filter wpca_automate_thirdparties to replacde wpca_automate_thirparties (which has a typo)
added: filter wpca_instantiate_layout_template to filter template vars before the bar/box template is instantiated
added: filter wpca_frontend_html
added: filter wpca_popup_content
added: settings notices that geo and CCPA logic not work with caching
improvement: (WeePie Framework) localhost usage when validating
improvement: (WeePie Framework) some code is not executed on login screen anymore
improvement: added $isScriptDebug argument for front and admin style hooks
improvement: frontend scripts are now loaded in the footer
improvement: implemented Wpie Data Table HTML for 3rd party table
improvement: converted the shortcode explanation table to a wpie data table
improvement: added more CSS padding to the Cookie Category settings box wrapper
improvement: made geo module more generic by moving EU geo logic to the core module
removed: 3rd party Vine
removed: bèta functionality text for Cookie Category settings and Consent log
updated: Maxmind databases to latest version
updated: copyright to 2020

[v3.2.10] 14-04-2019
Fixed: WeePie Framework check for multisite installs didn’t work well
Fixed: empty wp error screen during activation (fix in WeePie Framework)

[v3.2.9] 10-04-2019
implemented: better WeePie Framework check

[v3.2.8] 26-03-2019
fixed: Cookie Category content didn’t have a <p> tag
fixed: robots.txt request where causing an uncaught Exception
fixed: 3rd party blocking for Hubspot CTA, meetings iFrame
fixed: 3rd party label text for Google Adwords remarketing
updated: some native exceptions to WeePie Framework style

[v3.2.7] 21-03-2019
NEW: implented WeePie Framework 2.0 (as framework folder)
NEW: support for Envato Market auto-updating plugin
fixed: missing alt attribute in placeholder image
fixed: 3rd party blocking for Facebook pixel inline script
fixed: 3rd party blocking for Twitter inline script
fixed: ipv6 ip-addresses not working
fixed: error during multisite activation caused by the geo module
fixed: global consent setting not working for multisite sub folder
fixed: typo in plugin description
added: Composer for autoloading new Maxmind to GeoIP2 PHP API
added: 3rd party blocking for: Facebook Web Plugins, Drift, Google adwords remarketing and Spotify
improvement: WeePie framework no need to activate as plugin anymore
improvement: security enhancements
improvement: 3rd party support for multiple html elememts
improvement: updated Maxmind to GeoIP2 PHP API (exclude non-EU website visitors)
improvement: exlude plugin name from being translatable
improvement: minor text change for 3rd party toggle link
removed: upgrade notice regarding 3rd party list
removed: global JavaScript file (WeePie Framework now has a wpie-common.js file)
updated: copyright texts to 2019

[v3.2.6] 30-08-2018
NEW: setting: optional page reload after consent
NEW: setting: disable the plugin for non-EU website visitors (hide bar/box, don’t block cookies etc.) (beta)
fixed: Cookie Category settings box <h2> (and other inner elements) can be overriden by other CSS
fixed: Cookie Settings shortcode not rendered in the bar
fixed: don’t show raw shortcodes when the plugin is disabled
fixed: Cookie Category settings box checkboxes still being cached
fixed: IE11 JavaScript SCRIPT 438 error caused by
fixed: IE11 shows <template> placeholder tag
fixed: TinyMCE strips <wpca-block> element when switching editor mode
fixed: commas should be semicolons in initBlocking() JavaScript function
fixed: http in source code should be https for
added: 3rd party blocking for: Twitter and Facebook by Jetpack, Elfsight YouTube Gallery
improvement: try to let placeholder inherit width and height from blocked content (beta)
improvement: added * for query all in consent log description (i)
improvement: automatic check “Automatic cookie blocking” when 1 or more items are checked in the 3rd parties list

[v3.2.5] 20-08-2018
NEW: wrap HTML content with a <wpca-block> to show the placeholder (replacement) element (this does not block cookies)
fixed: plugin conflict with Autoptimize
fixed: shortcode wpca_cookie_allow_code not working
fixed: categories not logged when using the “Save” button in the Cookie Category settings box
fixed: consents logged twice when accepting all in the cc settings
fixed: reloading scripts can lead to JavaScript Uncaught errors
fixed: not all Cookie Category settings box colors are working
fixed: “Block all iFrames” doesn’t work after acceptance
fixed: “Block all iFrames” doesn’t work when zero 3rd parties are checked
fixed: blocked script/iframe/img sources are not hided after reset -> accept -> reset
added: hook: wpca_automate_block_all_iframes_cc
added: CSS class wpca-replace-txt to placeholder text <p>
improvement: show a checkbox in the cookie category settings box for iFrames blocked by “Block all iFrames”

[v3.2.4] 09-08-2018
fixed: JavaScript blocking logic in firefox not working optimal

[v3.2.3] 09-08-2018
NEW: caching preventive: show/hide logic for the bar/box is now completely handled client-side
NEW: caching preventive: blocking of cookie scripts, iFrames and custom HTML elements is now done client-side (without page refresh)
NEW: caching preventive: possibility to send no caching headers
NEW: possibility to anonymize IP addresses for consent logging
NEW: possibility to filter IP addresses at the “Consent log” settings tab
NEW: possibility to delete logged consents
NEW: possibility to apply consents network wide for multisite
NEW: possibility to always show the “Reset cookies button”
fixed: mobile: the bar reappears when scrolling while decline button is clicked
fixed: mobile: the bar reappears when scrolling while accept button is clicked
fixed: automate logic fails if invalid content exists between <head> and <body>
fixed: scripts with <script> strings are not matched by the regex pattern
fixed: wrong buffer output return value (void) on empty buffer
fixed: don’t show “Keep anonymized Google Analytics” option when “Cookies before consent” is set to “Google Analytics”
fixed: missing switch statement break in consent logging JS
fixed: fatal error caused by $this in anonymous callback
fixed: domain mapping installs having wrong cookie params
fixed: automate process in not using ‘checked’ 3rd parties but uses all
fixed: show only selected 3rd parties in cookie categort settings box
fixed: make it possible to translate the cookie categories labels on the front-end (with POT-file)
added: (or updated) 3rd party blocking for: Disqus, Jotform, Pinterest, FaceBook, TripAdviser, StatCounter, likebutton
added: check for module existence to prevent fatal errors in module init() methods when modules are not ready
added: query var “wpca_no_cache_headers” to enable the no cache headers
added: hook: wpca_automate_allowed_src_attributes
added: hook: wpca_automate_before_buffer_end
added: hook: wpca_automate_after_buffer_end
added: suffix <!–[wpca_mrkd]–> to ‘marked’ content
added: $matches arg to wpca_replacement_text filter
added: empty blocked.js file
added: empty blocked.html file
added: JavaScript frontend custom event “wpca.reset:after”
improvement: frontend JavaScript: adding new functions, reducing public functions, new params and better scopes
improvement: frontend JavaScript: implemented PHP logic as JavaScript logic
improvement: 3rd party/privacy sensitive content is now only ‘marked’ instead of ‘blocked’ server-side (caching preventive)
improvement: added check for href attribute to automate html element (html_elem)
improvement: moved css hover logic for consent log rows to the module stylesheet
improvement: moved hook wpca_multisite_give_global_consent to WpcaFrontend::_setCookieParams() method
improvement: better readability of the YouTube and Vimeo regexes
improvement: in instagram regex
improvement: added missing version number to scripts and styles
improvement: removed URI search patterns from module Automate

[v3.2.2] 30-05-2018
fixed: only log PHP errors with WP_DEBUG mode true during automatic cookie blocking
fixed: an error occured calling preg_replace_callback() context head by wrong if condition

[v3.2.1] 30-05-2018
fixed: Fatal error: call to undefined method WpieMiscHelper::getPregLastError()

[v3.2] 29-05-2018
NEW: consent logging (bèta)
NEW: Cookie Categories (bèta)
NEW: Facebook Pixel Code
NEW: Blocking custom HTML elements (given a CSS id or class, hook only)
NEW: show the Accept button when the Reset consent button is not visible
NEW: option to show/hide the bar/box on the Cookie Policy Page
fixed: PHP notice: Array to string conversion
fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined index
fixed: PHP Exception: Parts array is not valid for {3rd party type}: head or body entry not found
fixed: replacing scripts in body with comment instead of placeholder element
fixed: JavaScript Missing global param” exception
fixed: not blocking script from plugin YouTube Embed Plus
fixed: not blocking googleplus inline scripts
fixed: not blocking pinterest inline scripts
fixed: Twitter timeline widget not blocked
fixed: typos in settings xml
added: module consent-log
added: settings XML file for tab “Consent Log”
added: XML settings fields for cookie categories
added: 3rd party blocking for: Active Campaign, Cxense, Facebook Pixel Code, Hotjar
added: 3rd party blocking for: HubSpot, LikeBtn, LinkedIn Insight,, OneSignal
added: 3rd party blocking for: Pardot, Pinterest, Sumo,, Twitter ads, WP Stats, Zopim
added: frontend JavaScript event custom wpca.consent:after to hook into the code after consent
added: frontend JavaScript event custom wpca.decline:after to hook into the code after decline
added: frontend JavaScript event custom to hook into the code after settings has been saved
added: attribute “cc” to shortcode “wpca_cookie_allow_code”
added: question for an example of an embed code inside the missing 3rd party email body
added: hook: wpca_automate_extra
added: hook: wpca_automate_regex_allowed_local_locations
added: hook: wpca_cookie_categies
added: hook: wpca_node_names_body_no_replacement_element
added: hook: wpca_log_needed
added: hook: wpca_read_all_args
added: hook: wpca_log_list_table_columns
improvement: show accept button when reset button is hided
improvement: splitted up automate templ files so that table is a separate templ
improvement: AJAX refresh the 3rd party table list
improvement: highlight new items in 3rd party table list after refresh
improvement: add logic to block scripts from plugin ot theme folder
improvement: use $_REQUEST instead of $_GET
improvement: added JavaScript log en alert wrapper function to WPCAGLOBAL
improvement: settings warning when user unchecks “Automatic cookie blocking” (formerly “Live blocking”)

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