WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin

Image of the WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress

Easily create an ul/ol with custom list icons in a WordPress website

Create your own custom list icon(s) easily by:

  • uploading your list icon image (e.g. PNG or GIF)
  • pick and edit the size/color of one of our
    • 20 high resolution (SVG) icons for the unordered list (ul)
    • [NEW] 3  high resolution (SVG) icons for the ordered list (ol)

and use it in your WordPress website!

Add a unordered or ordered [NEW] list with a custom list icon directly from your WordPress WYSIWYG editor. No code needed!

Example of a unordered list (ul) with custom icons

  • This is an example
  • …and another example with an indented custom list icon
    • check
    • it
    • out!

Example of a ordered list (ol) with custom icons

  1. [NEWEasily add a numbered list with custom list icons to your WordPress website!
  2. Edit the size and colors of the icons to your needs

Features of the Custom List Bullets Plugin

easily add a custom list icon
Easily add your own unordered list bullet image…

Add your custom list bullet image easily on the WeePie Custom List Bullets control panel.

custom unordered list icon…or pick one of the 20 high resolution unordered list bullet icons

Choose from 20 unique high resolution (SVG) icons, like disc, check-v and cross (x):


custom numbered list icon

Edit and add a custom ordered list icon

For the ordered list you can choose from 3 high resolution icons. You can also change the colors and sizes of these icons to fit them into your style.

icon to add a custom list icon
Use your custom bullet directly from your WordPress WYSIWYG editor

Add your custom list icon/image simply by clicking on the WeePie Custom List Bullet icon (and selecting the custom bullet you want to use).

multiple custom list icons
Add multiple custom list bullet icons

Add your custom bullet icon on the WeePie Custom List Bullets settings page.


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