Comply Google AdSense cookies with the EU cookie law on your WordPress website

Published: 15-05-2016updated: 19-06-2016

The WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin for WordPress makes it possible to block Google Adsense cookies atomatically before the consent of the website visitor in order to comply with the EU cookie law. After consent all cookies will be placed automatically. Read more about Google AdSense cookies and how to comply them with the (EU) cookie law below.

What are Google AdSense cookies?

The Google AdSense cookies store different kind of personal data i.a. in order to optimize, measure and track the behavior of an user.

The most common domains and cookie names placed by Google AdSense are:

  •, i.a.: DSID, IDE, id
  •, i.a.: Conversion, TAID
  •, i.a.: AID

Consent needed for placing Google AdSense cookies?

Yes! Google AdSense cookies are 3th party cookies, which, according to the cookie law of the most European countries, basically means you have to inform and obtain permission of the website visitor to place these cookies.

How to comply Google AdSense cookies within the EU cookie law?

With our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin you can comply Google AdSense cookies with the EU cookie law. Within our plugin there are multiple ways to configure in order to handle the Google AdSense cookies the right way according the cookie law. The easiest way is to use our fully automatic blocking funtionality.

More about WeePie Cookie Allow

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