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Example of custom list bullets behaving like real bullets and indented bullets

Out now: WeePie Custom List Bullets v2.1: Custom bullets/images behaving like real list bullets

Improvement: Use our custom list bullets or your own images as ‘normal’ bullets!

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Banner launch of the simplified version of the weepie cookie allow plugin

Out now: WeePie Cookie Allow version 3.0: Simplified version

Experience the simplicity and flexibility of our new v3.0 Cookie Allow Plugin!

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Illustration of examples of custom list bullets in WordPress by the WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin

Create your own or custom list bullets easily without coding

Find out how to add a custom list bullets icon or image directly from your WordPress editor without any coding!

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Illustration of blocking Facebook cookies

Comply Facebook cookies with the EU cookie law on a WordPress website

Find out what you need to do with Facebook cookies within the EU cookie law

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Comply Google AdSense cookies with the EU cookie law on your WordPress website

Information about the EU cookie law and Google AdSense cookies: Discover how to block them easily before consent!

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Image demo WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress

Demo WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress

Check out some possibilities of our WeePie Custom List Bullets Plugin for WordPress!

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Image WeePie Cookie Check

Free WeePie Cookie Check for your WordPress website

Are you curious if your WordPress website has to comply / complies with the EU cookie law? Let us check your WordPress website on it FOR FREE!

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Welcome to our blog!

Whoeha! From now on we will post interesting posts related to our WeePie Plugins here!    

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